Kasalehlia! We are the Kihleng family and we are missionaries to the island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia. This blog is to keep friends and family (and whoever else is interested!) updated on what we are doing in the islands. So check back here often to see updates on our ministry as well as our ever growing family!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend Update

We had a nice weekend here on Pohnpei, in spite of the bad weather we've been having. Saturday was a workday for the youth as they are starting to earn money for future missions trips and activities. They were able to earn $50 by cleaning a lady's yard in town.
Sunday services were good with a good attendance. We had about 85 in the morning service, including some returning visitors. Some very exciting news is that our church not only met our Faith Promise goal, but went over the goal amount! We are looking forward to an exciting year of missions giving!
Most of you probably already know that our next "big" project is to build our new church building. We have been working on the land and filling in the swamp area along our current property. A lot has been done already but still more to do. Please continue to pray for this project. I will try to get up some current photos this week of the work being done.


Susannah said...

I know it's hard to remember to keep a blog update, but we do appreciate being able to see what you all are up to. Very cool! We are so excited about what God is doing in your ministries!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for starting your blog up again! It's wonderful to be able to "hear" how you're doing all the time! You haven't said, so I have to ask: How is your pregnancy coming along and when are you due? I think of you folks often and pray for you everytime I do.

your sister in Christ,

the picture of the little girl sitting down in the hula skirt is me. The odd thing is when I tried to put in a name ...... well, you see what happened! LOL

The Campbell's said...

HI! I'm so excited Susannah sent me the link to your blog...I saw your parents about a month ago and was hoping to get to catch up with you! I have a blog too...and Face Book. If you are ever in California give me a call 805 937 2352 we would love to see you guys!