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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December, 2009 Prayer Letter

Merry Christmas! We are enjoying the holiday season here on Pohnpei and trust you are enjoying this blessed time of year as well. The holidays here bring heavy wind and rains and this year has seemed even more than usual. We are thankful for the somewhat cooler temperatures though.


This year has been a good one for our family and ministry, and we are looking forward to what God has in store for us in 2010. I am including photos of the work done on our land here in preparation for our upcoming building project. It’s been exciting to see the progress and we are anxious to have our new church building completed. We are consistently running 90 to more than 100 on Sundays so we are especially eager to have more space for services.
Fall has been busy for us here. We started out the season with our annual missions conference. We are praising the Lord for the great response we had from our people and the largest Faith Promise budget we’ve had so far! We were able to take on a new missionary family for support, the Boylston family, who will be coming here to work with us in the ministry.

Our family is doing well. Susan is progressing in the pregnancy without any complications and we are thankful for that. Katrianne turned 3 in November and we sure are thankful for this little blessing in our family. She is a sweetheart. Kyler will be turning 5 just 2 days before Christmas. He’s been excited about his birthday for the past month and regularly “practices” blowing out candles, every time Susan has a scented candle lit.

With Christmas right around the corner, our young people have been working hard at preparing for our Christmas cantata. This year they performed Ron Hamilton’s cantata, “The Greatest Gift.” I translated the speaking parts into the Pohnpeian language and the young people did a fantastic job with the program. The church building was packed out for the performance with many having to stand! We pray that the seed was planted in the hearts of some of the unsaved that attended.
We pray that each one of you have a blessed holiday season and a wonderful New Year. We thank you for the blessing that you all are in our lives here and the part you have in our ministry here on Pohnpei.

Because of Calvary,
Rickson, Susan,
Kaleo, Kestra, Kyler, & Katrianne

  • The large attendance we’ve seen lately in our services!
  • The Faith Promise giving promised for this year.
  • Growth in the ministry here on Pohnpei.
  • Progress on the land project for our new church building.


  • The Boylston’s to be able to raise their needed support quickly.
  • Continued growth in the ministry here.
  • Funds for the land project for the new building.
  • Susan’s pregnancy.

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