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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Update - June 13th

It's Sunday night here in the FSM while most of you are just starting your Sunday. Sunday morning service was a good service with a pretty good crowd. We had around 90 in attendance. Yesterday we had a church picnic and a good turnout for that as well. Everyone enjoyed a good time of fellowship, BBQ, swimming, games, and relaxing. You could tell by the sunburned noses in church this morning who had attended the picnic!
Tonight was a bit of an adventure with the kids. Kaylinn got very fussy in the morning service so I had to bring her home early. Her fussiness continued through the afternoon and into the evening so Rickson suggested I keep her home tonight. Kestra also broke out in a bad rash (probably from something at the picnic yesterday) and started to complain of chest pains so I kept her home as well and of course Katy stayed with us. Kestra fussed and carried on through the evening from the way she felt and I had a difficult time getting Kaylinn happy. Then Katy started screaming, saying her tummy was hurting. Her screaming got worse as the evening progressed and I started to worry something was really wrong. She's never done this before. Finally, I went down to the church to get someone to help with the baby and Kestra and someone else to go along with me to take Katy to the ER as she just kept screaming like she was in horrible pain and had broken out in a heavy sweat. And during all this, the baby screamed since her feeding was interrupted. But then by the time I got back up to the house with help (who had to come out of the church service), Katy had stopped crying and said she was feeling better. I didn't know whether to be relieved or aggravated with her! Over the next half hour, church people were coming up to the house to see if everyone was ok and who needed help! What an evening! Then Kyler came home from church screaming since he fell down our hill on his way up! Kaleo still hasn't gotten home from church yet as I write this, so I still have one more child to fall apart over something. It's not usually like this around here - it just turned out to be one of those times when everyone had an "ailment" at once!

Hope everyone has a great week! I'm looking forward to Kestra and Kyler finishing up their school this week. Kaleo has another 2 weeks still; then officially summer vacation!

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