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Sunday, August 21, 2011

VBS Update

And I'm behind again!  I know, what happened to the posting every week!!!  Have been wanting to update everyone on our summer ministries, particularly VBS, but every time I sit down to work on it, distractions come from every direction!  
VBS went great!  It was an amazing week!  We saw over 20 kids come to know Christ throughout the week - I'm not sure of the exact number but I do know it was over 20.  Our youth workers are hard at work with the follow-ups and discipleship.  One of those children was baptized today!  We were able to meet our goal this year of 100 kids in attendance at VBS!!!  On the last day, we had 102 on the attendance charts, though several more came in late that were not counted on the charts so actually even more!  And at our closing program, the parents were invited and we had probably around 30-40 parents come and hear the gospel.  It was and exciting time for our ministry!  Attendance has been high in our church services ever since.  We have been averaging over 100 every Sunday morning the past few weeks and today was actually over 130!  I believe that is our record attendance for a regular Sunday morning!  We were blessed to have Rickson's brother Bruce preach this morning.  He is in the Army and being deployed so he has brought his family back here to stay during his deployment.  We are so glad to have them back!  The cousins are all having a great time getting reacquainted.  Bruce preached a great message this morning and the altar was packed during the invitation.  
I'm going to be working on adding VBS photos and video so check back over the next couple of days and see what's up!  
Also in updates, Kestra just celebrated her 8th birthday.  And Kaleo will be turning 12 in another week.  We hope to start school beginning of September.  
Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!

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