Kasalehlia! We are the Kihleng family and we are missionaries to the island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia. This blog is to keep friends and family (and whoever else is interested!) updated on what we are doing in the islands. So check back here often to see updates on our ministry as well as our ever growing family!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November, 2012 Prayer Letter

Kasalehlia!  Greetings from Pohnpei!  Thank you for your prayers over the recent months.  I mentioned in our last letter that we were facing some challenges in the ministry.  God is always faithful and has worked in the hearts of many involved.  Many apologies have been made, hearts softened, and families restored.  We’ve been able to move forward as a church past this situation!  

We also mentioned in our last letter that we sensed the Lord’s leading in moving forward with our building project.  At this point, the funds are just simply not available for us to begin the building we would like to, but we have began the reconstruction of our outdoor “tent” structure that we use for revival meetings.  Most Sundays now, our small building is packed to overflowing – children have to sit on the floor, adults and teens have to share seats, and some have to stand.  We cannot effectively grow in these conditions; therefore, we are doing what we can to improve this open-air structure to begin holding services there.  Our goal is to have this completed before the end of the year.  

Upcoming Events

We have a lot coming up!  This month we will be holding our annual Missions Conference.  We are looking forward to having several of the local missionaries/pastors coming to share their hearts with our people.  One of the things we have emphasized in our Bible Institute is the need for good Bible-believing churches to be started on the outer islands throughout Micronesia and that is our focus of our missions program as well.  Please pray that our church people will catch the burden for these ministries and do what they can to support them!  

Speaking of the Bible Institute, our students just finished their mid-term exams and are eager to begin the last block of courses before Christmas break.  I have been teaching Old Testament Survey this semester along with Pastor Ric VeraCruz.  Susan also began teaching this semester and taught an 8-week course in English as a Second Language.  I will be continuing with OT Survey as well as Pastoral Theology for the men and Susan will be teaching Teacher Training to the ladies in the Institute.  We’re seeing such great potential in each of these students!  Please keep them in your prayers, that God will use them greatly. 

We are extremely excited about the Boylston family coming to join us soon!  They have been on deputation and are nearing the time for their departure from the States.  We are praying God will allow them to come within the next couple of months!  We want them to have the opportunity to settle here and adjust before we leave for furlough.  Our current furlough plans are for the end of summer, 2013.  This will have been five years since leaving for our previous furlough.  We’re looking forward to being able to report back to each of our supporting churches!

Christmas is just around the corner and this year our youth is presenting Ron Hamilton’s “Christmas At Home”.  They are hard at work, putting in extra practices during the week.  We translate the play portion into Pohnpeian and invite all of our area to attend.  Please pray that this is an effective outreach in our community!  

In March we will be having revival meetings with Bro. Randy Chovan.  God has really blessed in previous meetings we’ve had with Bro. Chovan and we are looking forward to this week of meetings as well.  Please begin praying with us that God will greatly work throughout that week and in the weeks and months after.  Pray that our people will begin preparing their hearts for the meetings now!  


As for family, we are doing well!  Kaleo is in 8th grade this year, Kestra in 3rd, Kyler in 2nd, Katrianne in K5, and Kaylinn jumps from grade to grade!  Kaleo has surprised us all by suddenly growing taller than both his mom and dad!  We’re often asked how Kaylinn is doing; she is doing well.  We’ve had no further problems with her breathing – though I must say we still all jump and “panic” over every cough or strange sound she makes!  She is growing and thriving though and we are so thankful for God’s protection over her.  She will be turning 3 in February.  She’s our only child that was completely fluent in both Pohnpeian and English at such a young age!  She surprises us daily with the funny things she says and does.  

Susan had the unexpected opportunity last month to make a quick trip to the States for her parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary!  We were able to get her a discount standby ticket through a United employee at the last minute and some dear friends of ours paid the fee for that as well.  It turned out to be quite a family reunion as there were many relatives there that Susan had not seen since we left for Pohnpei 12 years ago!

Thank you again for your prayers and support!  As we come closer to the end of 2012, we look back and reflect through this past year.  Thank you for the sacrifices that so many of you have made so that we can be here.  We only pray that God will use us! 

Because of Calvary,
Rickson, Susan, 
Kaleo, Kestra, Kyler, 
Katrianne, & Kaylinn

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Jenifer Cook said...

Wow...12 years already?! What a great looking family!

So good to catch up by reading your November prayer letter.

And what a blessing Susan...for you to make it to your parent's 50th anniversary.

I saw where your youth are preparing "Christmas at Home". Our small church did it last year and really enjoyed it.

We simplified it quite a bit to tailor to our small choir and cast.

Enjoyed seeing the family photo on the prayer letter too.

Need any piano music? I think I've asked you before but can't remember your answer :(....old age :)