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Monday, November 14, 2016

October Prayer Letter and Recent Happenings

Below is our prayer letter from October.  We've had some difficulty getting the email version out due to internet issues on our island.  Quick updates/prayer requests since this letter was originally sent:
  • In the original mailed version of the letter we mentioned our daughter would be traveling in December to Canada.  That trip has at the moment been cancelled due to an oversight on the part of her coaches.  The Olympic Committee had already purchased her plane tickets and acquired her travel visa but will be able to still use her ticket for her to attend a later competition in the summer.  It was a big disappointment for our girl so please keep her in your prayers.  
  • We had a great time with Pastor Frank Bailey and a deacon from his church, Mr. Zipperer, here for a week.  The 3 days of revival meetings during that time were a blessing for us and our church here on the island
  • Within hours after their departure, several of our children came down with severe flu (possibly food poisoning) symptoms, resulting in a trip to the ER.  Please keep the kids in your prayers as they are still recovering and 2 others are feeling sick now as well. 
  • Our church youth group will be performing Maranatha! The Lord Is Come for our annual Christmas program.  This year both Kaleo and Kyler have parts in the play.  Please pray God will use this program to reach many hearts.     


Greetings from Pohnpei!  What an exciting last few months we’ve had here in the islands!  And what an exciting few months we have coming up! 

A huge thank you to those of you who gave to the camp ministry.  We have tried to contact each of you individually to thank you but as some we did not have full names or contact information, I pray that you see this letter and know how much God used you in the lives of our young people here on Pohnpei.  This summer’s camp was one of the largest in number that we’ve ever had.  We had nearly 150 campers attend and the decisions made during the week were overwhelming!  Approximately 10 came to know Christ as their Savior among the many decisions made.  Please continue praying for these young people as the struggle is a big one for them to live for Christ. We were especially excited that some of our own kids’ friends from their swim team were able to participate in the camp and ask that you continue praying for these young people and our children to continue being a testimony and witness to them.

Our week of Vacation Bible School was another exciting week out of the summer.  We had approximately 90 children attending by the end of the week, including some of our younger kids’ swim team friends as well! Many decisions were made for Christ during this week too and many of these children are still attending our weekly Bible Club where they can continue learning Scripture.  We praise God for these children!  

Another highlight of the summer was having a good friend of ours, Crystal Javaux spend much of the summer with us.  She was a great asset to the VBS ministry as she headed up the crafts.  We’re looking forward to her and her husband Mark visiting us again in December.

Many of you were praying for Brandy Hadley as he came for the summer to ministry as well.  Brandy had a full schedule of preaching through the summer and was able to lead many to the Lord through his ministry here.  He truly was a blessing to many of our young men on the island who are struggling in their Christian life.

We’re off to another great year of the Baptist Bible Institute of Pohnpei.  We have a few new students this year as well as returning students.  Please pray for these young people as they train for the ministry as well as those of us teaching them.  I am teaching some classes this semester as well as Pastor Rick VeraCruz, Pastor Sonny Padock, and Missionary Gabe Eiben.  

Another homeschool year is underway.  Kaleo is a senior this year and is trying to survive Physics and Pre-Calculus.  He’s also very busy with youth group, his swim training and lifeguarding,  and has a role again in this year’s Christmas program.  Kestra is in 7th grade (yes, we now have TWO teenagers in the family!) and is now a part of the youth group.  Kyler will be 12 in December and is in 6th grade.  He loves fishing and swimming and would much rather be in the ocean than in school.  He also will be playing a role in the Christmas program. Katrianne is in 4th grade and continues to love art and playing the piano.  She amazes us continuously with her artistic talent!  She’s also our little animal lover and loves her chickens as if they were her children. Kaylinn is in 1st grade this year and loves pretty much anything more than school.  She keeps us well entertained daily.  

Our family is looking forward to a visit from a pastor and deacon from one of our supporting churches in November.  We love having visitors from the U.S. and especially love having supporters come and see the ministry here first hand.  Consider this an open invitation to those of you who would like to visit us here in the islands!

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. Without you, we would be unable to continue the Lord’s work here and we truly are grateful for all you do for our family and ministry here.   

Because of Calvary,
Rickson & Susan, Kaleo, Kestra, Kyler, Katrianne, & Kaylinn

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