Kasalehlia! We are the Kihleng family and we are missionaries to the island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia. This blog is to keep friends and family (and whoever else is interested!) updated on what we are doing in the islands. So check back here often to see updates on our ministry as well as our ever growing family!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good News!

Yes, we have good news!  The pediatric surgeon said that he is overscheduled and even booked into November!!!  But understanding our situation he said he'd see what he could do.  After waiting for a bit, they came back to tell us that she is scheduled for the bronchoscopy for 7:30 AM on Tuesday!!!!  He went over her complete history and then said, "this is definitely an unusual case!"  Kaylinn, our little mystery!  He said he is going to confer with some other specialists including an ENT as he has never run across anything quite like this.  Interesting.  So our specific prayer request right now is that the bronchoscopy will show EXACTLY what the problem is and that it can be fixed at the time.  

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