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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kaylinn's Consultation Today

Ok, today isn't a big day of tests for Kaylinn but it is a deciding factor in how much longer we will have to be here.  So much prayer is needed!  We will be meeting with the pediatric surgeon at 1:30 PM to decide what will be the next step and when her bronchoscopy will be.  We are praying that he will be able to schedule it soon (tomorrow would be great!).  From what we are understanding, there are only 3 pediatric surgeons here who can do this and 2 are off island at the time, so this doctor has a triple load of cases at the moment.  So it will take a miracle to get her in for the bronchoscopy soon.  BUT, we know God can "rearrange" this doctors schedule and get Kaylinn in!  Kaylinn's taking her morning nap right now and then we will head off to the hospital for the consultation.  Thanks for praying!  

P.S. Rickson has a cold right now so I ask for prayer for him as well.  Pray that he will feel better quickly and also that this will not affect the scheduling as we were told with the EEG that if there was a sick family member, they may choose to reschedule due to the risk of an infection.  

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