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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tonight's Update

Kaylinn is finally asleep and Rickson headed back to the hotel to try to wash some of our clothes and then get some sleep.  So I finally have a chance to sit down to the computer!  Been quite a day!  Tests all day basically.  She did get a little break from tests mid morning and they brought in the hospital dog for her to play with.  His name is Tucker and she fell in love!  I bought her a little stuffed version of Tucker in the gift shop and she has played and played with that (shown in the picture above)!  
They used a different drug for her for the MRI, much milder than yesterday.  She was pretty funny going out.  And a surprise to all of them too!  They were all ready for the worst - had everything ready in case of an emergency and a whole room full of doctors and nurses and everyone.  As they began to put the meds through the IV she started saying "uh-oh" over and over and each time it got loopier and loopier sounding.  But she kept trying to get up and fight everyone too which surprised them as they said it should take effect immediately.  It took awhile to get her completely out.  The MRI went well - we'll get the results tomorrow but they don't really expect any problems to show up.  She woke up right away afterwards and was so cute on the way back to the ICU.  She kept giving us the funniest smiles.  I was thinking she would be sleepy the rest of the day, but not Kaylinn!  She has to prove all doctors wrong!  She's been bouncing off the walls.  She's seen quite a few different specialists throughout the day and they also put her on a new medicine for acid reflux in case that is the problem.  She promptly threw up the medicine so not sure if that's going to do much for her.  She also got irritated with everyone this evening and threw her cup of yogurt at the monitor machines.  I don't think the nurse was too thrilled with the mess!  I'm hoping Rickson is able to get some laundry done at the hotel tonight as I have been thrown up on, been attacked by a wild child on a yogurt rampage, and got sprayed with the IV meds when they removed it earlier.  
As for the test results and all, well, we're not much closer to finding out the problem.  They've been able to rule out a lot of the really bad things it could have been so that much is good.  They all say the same thing - it's definitely unusual and obviously something very rare as she has such odd symptoms.  They GI specialist said he wishes they would have called him before the bronchoscopy as there are some tests he could have done then but he really doesn't want to have to sedate her again.  He's going ahead and treating her as though the problem is acid reflux though, but he's not really sure that is the problem.  The pulmonologist that saw her tonight is going to test her for some allergies though again he's not certain that's the cause.  They are just trying to cover every avenue.  We are having to face the reality that we may not find out the cause.  They are having us take CPR just in case.  We are not giving up yet though - still praying for an answer.
Hoping to get a good night's sleep - we definitely need it after the past two days!  Will give an update tomorrow.  

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