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Monday, September 19, 2011

Kaylinn's Update

Hi, I know everyone is waiting to hear how things went today, but we ALL ended up falling asleep as soon as we walked back into the hotel room!  It was an exhausting day!  Now we probably won't be able to sleep tonight!
The test went well.  Kaylinn had a hard time waiting it out till it was time for them to take her - she was desperate for food and sleep!  The pediatric anesthesiologist was really nice and we really liked him - even found he's been to Pohnpei recently and stayed at the Village hotel near where we live.  He reassured us that she would be fine and went over all that would happen.  Then he put her to sleep, which yes, was a bit traumatic for mom!  About an hour later we were with Kaylinn in recovery where she put up quite a fight!  She did NOT like the monitors hooked to her or the IV and was determined to get them all off.  We brought her straight back to the hotel where we then slept for the next several hours.  The doctor said she did fine during the test and never stopped breathing and that there were no abnormalities in the EEG that he could see.  I believe the doctor on Thursday will give us more info about the test.  
Thank you for praying.  Kaylinn seems to be fine at the moment and the anesthesia seems to be wearing off - she can walk a straight line now! :)

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Chatugah said...

So glad to hear that the testing is over for the day and that you were able to get some rest.
We are praying for you faithfully at Rincon Baptist Temple. I'll share the update with the church tonight.
Thanks for the updates!
Linda Howard